Concentration Camps Today

North Korea

Capital: Pyongyang
(2 prisons)

Death camps: 4
• Danchun [S. Hamgyong Province] (gold mining; death by starvation & harsh conditions)
• Haengyong [N. Hamgyong Province] (coal mining & farm labor by men, woman, & children; death by gas chamber, starvation, & harsh conditions)
• Jeonger-ri [N. Hamgyong Province] (copper & iron mining, lumber & brick production, farm labor; death by starvation & harsh conditions)
• Samdeung-ri, Kangdong [S. Pyong-an Province] (limestone mining & furnacing, cement production; death by starvation & harsh conditions)

Forced-labor concentration camps: 17
• 3 for women (Kaechon [S. Pyong-an] [2], Sinuiju [N. Pyong-an])
• 4 for women & pregnant women (subjected to forced abortions or infanticides) (Nongpo/Chongjin City [N. Hamgyong], Onsong [N. Hamgyong], Oro [S. Hamgyong], Yodok [S. Hamgyong])
• 2 for women and children (Bukchang [S. Pyong-an], Hwasong [N. Hamgyong])

Torture-facility prisons: 13
• 1 for women (Hamju-kun [S. Hamgyong])


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