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Week of September 10, 2006 (17 Elul, 5766)


Dial 9/11 for the PLO
The largest terror attack in U.S. history wasn’t carried out by amateurs. In fact, the world’s leading revolutionaries boasted they did it — but Bush ignored them. Our exclusive investigation names the names, and reveals why the president doesn’t. (Special report, part 1)


ATTAC Report This Week:

A Deadly Anthrax Hoax
Public Health officials are warning about possible bio-warfare attacks. They’re stockpiling medicines and developing emer­gency plans, but the cure may be worse than the disease. After hearing this, you might be more leery of the doctors than the anthrax. (Podcast audio)


Enemy Atrocities:

Concentration Camps Today — Red China (Shanxi/Shaanxi)
This inland region is filled with the coal mines that fuel Red China’s military-industrial complex. Working the mines are men, women, and children trapped in brutal prison camps for no reason except that their labor is cheaper. Here’s the map. (Overview map)


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