The Campaign to End PLO Funding

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(Jews And Hasidic Gentiles — United to Stop Amalek)

Petition letter to members of Congress

No matter how much the president may wish to fund the PLO, the U.S. Constitution gives congress the ultimate power to cut off any such funding.

The House of Representatives has 435 members, each representing a local district of about half a million people, a fraction of whom are active voters. This means that your representative, who wants to be re-elected, is highly concerned about the opinions and views of even small numbers of people in his district.

One very effective way to get his attention is by writing letters, since he knows each letter represents the views of many others who did not bother to write. And our petition letter, since it saves people the trouble of writing new, individual letters, makes it easy for people to participate in pressuring their congressman. Delivering even just a few thousand signatures can be enough to make undecided representatives turn against PLO funding.

To order copies (or photo-ready originals) of this petition for a signature-gathering campaign in your Congressional district, contact us through our e-mail page.


An Urgent Call to
Stop Funding the Terrorist PLO!

Dear Congressman:

WHEREAS the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), operating also under the banner of the “Palestinian Authority” (PA), is the largest and most active terrorist organization in the world today, having murdered thousands of Jewish and Arab civilians — including women and children — through bombings, shootings, hijackings, and various forms of cruel torture, and

WHEREAS for over three decades the PLO has boldly proclaimed its intent to destroy the nation of Israel entirely, murdering its citizens and replacing it with a brutal Marxist dictatorship, and

WHEREAS the PLO has also repeatedly announced its participation in the Marxist world revolution, to which end it has actively sought to overthrow non-Communist governments amongst the Arab and Muslim nations, while serving as a vehicle through which the Soviet Union has provided directives and logistical support to hundreds of Marxist-Leninist terrorist groups worldwide, and

WHEREAS the PLO has directly attacked American citizens, even on the soil of the United States itself — such as the 1993 bombing of the New York World Trade Center, conducted by the PLO and closely allied terrorist groups, and

WHEREAS tens of thousands of PLO terrorists, wearing uniforms of the so-called “Palestinian Authority,” are now occupying large sections of the Holy Land, from which they are already launching deadly attacks against Israelis — even as they are preparing to launch accelerated revolution against Jordan and other neighbors of Israel, and to bring in vast military forces from the “former” Soviet Union and other Communist governments as a prelude to invading the rest of Israel, and

WHEREAS the funding for this massive PLO operation — as much as $1 billion per year — comes almost entirely from the American taxpayer, part of it directly to the “Palestinian Authority” and some $500 million of it through US funding for the United Nations (UN), which for decades has aggressively supported the PLO with financing, propaganda, and even military aid through dozens of UN agencies, and

WHEREAS if not for this financial aid, which has sustained the PLO and its predecessor organizations since the 1950s, the PLO would soon collapse, and the nation of Israel would be free to re-liberate the entire land from terrorist control, thus averting an otherwise disastrous war, and

WHEREAS the current presidential administration of the United States, rather than working to terminate the pipeline of aid to PLO terrorism, is instead actively giving aid and comfort to these sworn enemies of the United States by pushing for increased funding and diplomatic support for the PLO, thus acting openly against American interests and the will of the great majority of the American people, and

WHEREAS the United States cannot afford the consequences of supporting expanded Communist revolution in the Middle East, including the destruction of Israel and other non-Communist governments, the loss of strategic resources and access, the escalation of terrorism, revolution, and war against the United States and the rest of the world, and, most importantly, the horrifying mass-murder of millions of helpless civilians by PLO-allied armies, and

WHEREAS the US Constitution grants Congress the ultimate authority to authorize or terminate the funding of any government program, even over the objections of the president and the Supreme Court,

THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED call upon you and your colleagues in Congress to cut off the PLO’s funding by

1) terminating all direct aid, through any US program or agency, to the PLO, the “Palestinian Authority,” and all of its affiliated organizations and front groups, and

2) terminating all funding to the United Nations, including monies for all of the UN’s affiliated agencies.

The danger is becoming an emergency, so we thank you in advance for acting quickly.


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